Gartner publications and research

AHRI has a partnership with Gartner to provide AHRI members with access to Gartner's renowned and highly valued publications and research. Access to these resources is exclusive to current financial AHRI members.

Gartner is a best practice insight and technology company. They have a unique view into what matters – and what works – when driving corporate performance. With more than 30 years' experience working with top companies from around the globe to share, analyse and apply proven practices, they deliver innovative solutions that drive corporate performance.

AHRI is pleased to be able to provide these valuable resources to our members. Additional resources will be added throughout the year as they become available.

To discuss the research in more detail, contact a Gartner representative.


CHRO Quarterly

The magazine for Chief Human Resources Officers and their teams.

The latest issue focuses on strategies for reality. Topics include preparing for the future of work, digitalization and agile HR, and creating the conditions for efficient growth.

CHRO Quarterly Q4 2018
CHRO Quarterly Q2 2018
CHRO Quarterly Q1 2018

CHRO Quarterly Q4 2017
CHRO Quarterly Q3 2017
CHRO Quarterly Q2 2017
CHRO Quarterly Q1 2016 to Q1 2017

CHRO Quarterly Q3 2016
CHRO Quarterly Q2 2016
CHRO Quarterly Q1 2016


Learning Quarterly

The Learning Quarterly brings you the latest and most valuable news and ideas: interviews with thought leaders, profiles of innovative organizations, and critical benchmarks and trends to help you and your teams drive growth in Learning and Development.

The latest issue focuses on strategies for reality. Topics include learning technology spotlight on artificial intelligence, personalizing employee development and creating a culture that performs.

Learning Quarterly Q1 2019

Learning Quarterly Q1 2018
Learning Quarterly Q3 2018

Learning Quarterly Q4 2017
Learning Quarterly Q1 2017

Talent Acquisition Quarterly

The Talent Acquisition Quarterly provides you valuable insights and trends to help recruiting leaders shape the workforce of the future. The latest issue focuses on the big shifts recruiting leaders need to be aware of, and make. 

The latest issue focuses on the future of HR technology. Topics include AI and the workforce of the future, career aspirations of Generation Z, and hiring AI talent.


Talent Acquisition Quarterly Q1 2019

Talent Analytics Quarterly

Case studies of organisations that have adopted innovative practices, CEB research, practitioner interviews, and thought pieces on building the infrastructure necessary for talent analytics to succeed.

The latest issue focuses on looking forward. Topics include A 2017 year in review, how to make analytics an HR-wide capability and leading the business with talent analytics.

Talent Analytics Quarterly Q4 2017
Talent Analytics Quarterly Q3 2017
Talent Analytics Quarterly Q2 2017
Talent Analytics Quarterly Q1 2017

Talent Analytics Quarterly Q4 2016
Talent Analytics Quarterly Q3 2016


HRBP Quarterly

The magazine for HR business partners and strategic HR professionals.

The latest issue focuses on how to sustain your development as an HRBP. Topics include translating the culture, how to have an analytic impact and the significant of self-awareness.

HRBP Quarterly Q4 2017
HRBP Quarterly Q2 2017
HRBP Quarterly Q1 2017

HRBP Quarterly Q4 2016
HRBP Quarterly Q3 2016


Global Talent Monitor

An authoritative look at the latest global and country level talent trends so you know what attracts, engages and retains talent. This quarterly update is sourced from over 20,000 employees in 40 countries and regions.

Global Talent Monitor Q4 2017

Global Talent Monitor Q4 2016
Global Talent Monitor Q3 2016