Leadership plays a pivotal role for all organisations. It involves creating direction for individuals and teams to align with business objectives and goals.  Leaders need to communicate, motivate and empower their employees whilst being strategically focused on performance outcomes.

Leadership is a key challenge in organisations today with the ever changing external environment and the varying pressures that organisations encounter.

The role of HR is to assist and support the development of leaders within the organisation and provide guidance to current leaders so they can enhance both their own and their team's performance.

Emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence is the ability to be first be aware of and then have the ability to take control of your own feelings under different circumstances.


There are many benefits in having competent and effective leaders in the organisation, namely; greater business success and productivity, higher employee engagement levels, lower turnover rates and better utilisation of organisational talent.  Organisations which have effective leaders have stronger performance, growth and sales.

Every organisation needs to have a people strategy in place to attract, retain and develop their employees and their leaders.  If executed well it can give the organisation a competitive edge, affect productivity and profitability.

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